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All of the Matterhorn Group’s dining options are attractively situated: either in the centre of Zermatt village or offering some of the best views of the ranges surrounding the Matterhorn. All our restaurants have unique and unmistakable characters of their own. A wide range of cuisine and dining concepts are available, covering everything from five-star fine dining to self-service rösti stands. We wish you bon appétit and a fabulous stay!

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This little cheese restaurant has a real feel-good vibe. For the restaurant’s young team, saycheese! is about more than just food – it’s a way of life. The atmosphere is relaxed and service always comes with a smile. The cheese is expertly matured in a labor of love before being prepared and served with passion in the restaurant. It all adds up to exceptional quality, and the delicious saycheese! fondue is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni

Head Chef Heinz Rufibach and his team at the Prato Borni have developed the unique “Alpine Gourmet” concept, showcasing products from the Valais region with a new and imaginative twist. Diners can look forward to an array of fantastic new taste experiences. The Heimat (homeland) menu presents the very best in Alpine cooking, while the Fernweh (wanderlust) menu is your jumping-off point for a culinary journey. Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni’s outstanding food has been awarded 16 points by the GaultMilau guide, as well as a Michelin star.

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Brasserie Lusi

The perfect restaurant for people who like to keep things simple. Lusi’s menu brings together the best of French brasserie cuisine and classic international dishes. Diners on the sophisticated terrace, known as the Lusi lounge, can enjoy stunning views of the Matterhorn over lunch. In the evening, the culinary delights on offer in the candlelit dining room are accompanied by the perfect selection of wines. Brasserie Lusi’s carefully selected wine list stands out thanks to its wide range of wines from the Valais region, complemented by the finest drops from around the world.

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Buffet Bar Sunnegga

"Sunnegga": even the name reminds you of sunshine. As anyone who has picked up a few words of the local Swiss dialect will have guessed: guests at this Ecke (spot) are spoilt with sunshine from morning till night. It’s the perfect place to enjoy local specialities with a glass of wine. And as if that weren’t enough, the bar’s spacious terrace offers unobstructed views of the Matterhorn too! Thanks to its prime location next to the station for the Sunnegga Express, Buffet and Bar Sunnegga is easily accessible on foot, with no need to bring your skis or snowboard.

  • Sunnegga 2300 m, 3920 Zermatt
  • Winter season 2021/22: 27 November - 25 April

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Rothorn Ristorante Pizzeria

This mountaintop restaurant towers over the Rothorn, benefiting from some of the most captivating views anywhere in the mountains around Zermatt. The view stretches as far as the eye can see. In fact, you can see right into Italy – the border is just beyond the Matterhorn. Fancy a taste of bella Italia? Rothorn Ristorante Pizzeria’s menu tempts you with a range of sophisticated traditional Italian dishes, all of them perfect with a fine wine from the Valais region. And by the way, Rothorn Ristorante Pizzeria is also the only restaurant in Zermatt where you can land a helicopter.

  • Unter Rothorn 3100 m, 3920 Zermatt
  • Website
  • Winter season 2021/2022: 4 December 2021 - 24 April 2022

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Blue Lounge

Sitting on the spacious terrace with a light snack and a drink, topped off with views of the Matterhorn – what more could you ask for? On a regular basis, between Christmas and Easter, live music from bands and DJs makes Blue Lounge even more special. And on the days when the sun doesn’t shine, you can always find a cosy seat indoors. Blue Lounge is right next to Blauherd station, making it an ideal meeting point for non-skiers too.

  • Blauherd 2600 m, 3920 Zermatt
  • Winter season 2021/2022: 17 December 2021 - 18 April 2022

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Restaurant vis-à-vis

The menu features classic dishes, all lovingly prepared by the kitchen team using local produce. Guests staying overnight at the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat are also invited to indulge in a fantastic four-course dinner, specially prepared by the vis-à-vis restaurant team.

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Panorama Self

The Panorama Self self-service buffet, located in the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, offers a huge selection of fresh salads, sandwiches and hot dishes. And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, how about a slice of delicious cake, either for dessert or to accompany your mid-afternoon coffee?

  • Gornergrat 3100 m, 3920 Zermatt
  • Website
  • Winter season 2021/22: from 4 December

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Buffet & Bar Riffelberg

Buffet & Bar Riffelberg’s self-service rösti stand is a stand-out attraction, and the bar is very popular too. Vue du Cervin, de la Dent Blanche et des sommets environnants (View of Cervin, the Dent Blanche and surrounding peaks), an impressively large oil painting by Geneva-born artist François Gos, has found a perfect new home in the recently completed extension. With a perfect location in the heart of the skiing and walking arena, this family-friendly restaurant is easy to find too. It is located just a few meters from the Gornergrat cogwheel railway station and right next to the mountain station of the Riffelberg Express gondola.

  • Riffelberg 2500 m, 3920 Zermatt
  • Winter season 2021/22: 27. November - 25 April

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Restaurant Riffelhaus 1853

The menu in the Riffelhaus 1853 restaurant features traditional Swiss specialties and international classics with the unmistakable signature of Alain Kuster. In addition to the Zermatt lamb burger, the rösti is a favorite dish of many regular guests. The ingredients are simple: potatoes, salt and pepper, that's it. The real art is the preparation of the hash browns at 2500 meters above sea level.

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Käsestube Furgg

A warm welcome awaits! This rustic, chalet-style inn is perfect for a relaxed meal and good company. Diners can feast on the finest local cheese-based specialities, including raclette, fondue and Käseschnitte (Swiss cheese on toast), all washed down with a fine local wine. And you can do it all while taking in the spectacular scenery on the outdoor terrace. What could be better? Käsestube Furgg is just below the Trockener Steg in the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise ski area. You’ll find it near the Garten piste, right next to the chairlift valley station.

  • Furgg 2400 m, 3920 Zermatt
  • Winter season 2022: 22 January - 17 April 2022
    Summer season: closed

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ice pizzeria

Pizza, pasta and panoramic views – the classic, minimalist interior and fresh atmosphere of the ice pizzeria encourages you to focus on what really matters: the amazing selection of pizza and pasta, the fabulous wine list and the sensational views. The terrace provides panoramic views into the valley and over the Dom and the Monte-Rosa range, including the Gorner glacier. What better place to savor good food and fine wine?

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ice buffet

ice buffet’s varied menu has something for everyone, from skiers and hikers to sun worshippers and mountain baggers. The modern self-service restaurant combines a welcoming atmosphere with a wide range of dishes. Delicious Asian classics compete for your attention with traditional Swiss favorites, including rösti and älpler macaroni (macaroni with potatoes, cheese and bacon) cooked in a giant pan. And it all tastes even better eaten al fresco on the terrace.

  • Trockener Steg 2900 m, 3920 Zermatt
  • Website
  • Winter season 2021/22: from 4 October

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Restaurant Schwarzsee

Featuring plenty of wood panelling, Restaurant Schwarzsee is a rustic and relaxing place to indulge yourself. It serves classic Alpine dishes in a casual atmosphere, and a warm welcome is guaranteed. The spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding Alpine scenery make for the perfect mountainside experience.

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Shogun Japan Restaurant

Authentic Japanese cuisine, all freshly prepared by Ikuma Sato’s team of four Japanese chefs. Rice is a serious business around here, which is why they import it from Niigata, Japan. Shogun Japan Restaurant’s house speciality is Ishiyaki Wagyu Beef, an exquisitely tender steak cooked on a hot stone. It is joined on the Shogun menu by more delicious dishes including sushi, sashimi and tempura. All the restaurant’s dishes are also available to go.

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The Hörnlihütte sits right at the foot of the Matterhorn. When you’re here, you don’t just take in the breathtaking view of the Zermatt Alps – you’re part of it. The menu features a selection of Swiss classics, but the Hörnlihütte’s speciality is the world-famous rösti and a piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

  • Hörnligrat 3200 m, 3920 Zermatt
  • Website
  • Summer season 2021: 29 June - 19 September

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